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Yesterday’s appointment…

Just in case anyone read my last post and wondered about the outcome; this is where we are at the moment …

The lady treating me was much more palatable than the gentleman who took the biopsy.  Not sure why; whether it was  gender thing or whatever; but the whole experience seemed a little more laid back and less ominous.

She explained the biopsy actually came back clear. {Cue – wave of relief}. She went on to say they then ‘discussed my case’ at some high-level council-of-something-or-other (colposcopists I suppose?) {Cue – sense of being impressed that the state of my cervix merited being discussed at higher levels} and decided to re-check the smear test results – just in case what one person thought of as being abnormal, was something another person would see as not … um … abnormal.  It was decided {cue – further elation at the thought that my case was being discussed around a board room table by medical bigwigs} , that there was something on the smear that was abnormal, and that it was possibly further up in the cervix, since the smear went further up then the area the biopsy was taken from; so she was going ahead with the LLETZ procedure, further into the cervix in the area the smear sample would have been taken from.

Sorry if it’s TMI, but, hey, you stumbled upon this page and decided to read this far!

So that is pretty much it.  It went ahead.  If you want to know how or what it is, I’m sure you’ll find out.

As for ‘finding out’ … they’ll biopsy the stuff she scraped, and she said we should hear back in 6-8 weeks.

So, I guess it’s back to waiting, but pretending I’m not waiting, and getting on with ‘real life’.



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Just Saying …

I don’t want to seem like I’m making a fuss.  I don’t want the tirade of “Stay strong, hun”; “thinking of you babe” type messages that attach themselves to Facebook posts or Tweets. To be honest, not that I don’t want the sentiment; rather I’d preefer not to have the attention.

I just wanted to put it out there somewhere. So here’s a little more anonymous.  I suppose. Putting it out there gets it out of me.  To stop me mulling it over so much.

I’m off for my LLETZ appointment later today.  It’s overshadowing the whole day.  I’d like to say I’m nonchalant about it.  I’m acting it, I think.  But I’m not.

I’ll be going alone.  O/H is away working.  #1 & #2 are in school, and will stay for after-school club. #3 will be with my mother, who doesn’t drive.  Her O/H has their car up on blocks in the garage trying to sort something out.  i.e. it’s off the road.

It’s not so much the prospect of pain; or discomfort.  I think it’s more that this is another step.  Another milestone on this particular journey.  Another ‘What if…?’ moment.  After this, I’ll be waiting for another smear or check up, to check if this appointment, into which I’ve put so much effort in to wondering and worrying about has actually worked…

But it’s all good.


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The Christmas Kitchen is open!

Last year, when we were all higgeldy-piggeldy and made the last-minute, unplanned move back to the UK, and O/H was having trouble a) finding work and/or b) holding it down once he’d found it; I saw an ad looking for Mrs Claus for a local large hotel’s Santa’s grotto.  Not sure how I stumbled across it but, well, it just seemed like fun.  I thought, what the heck? I applied for it on a whim. Of course, I expected them to be looking for white-haired ladies with a few more years behind them. So I was surprised to say the least when I was actually offered the job.   Of course, I’m going for more of the “Santa Clause 2” Elizabeth Mitchell version of Mrs. Claus, than the Angela Lansbury or Judy Cornwell version …

It was the first year they’d had Mrs Claus at their Grotto, so it was pretty much a chance to make use of my acting and improv skills … which I hadn’t used in so many years.

Basically, Mrs Claus at this grotto, runs a ‘kitchen’, baking gingerbread.  Children, while waiting to see the big man, come in, sit by a table and get to decorate a gingerbread christmas tree with icing and dolly-mixtures. A far more fun and participatory experience than standing in line, probably in rain, or snow, for ages.  Of course, there are always people who find something to complain about.  But, as in any of my past experinces in face-to-face customer service, we tell ourselves through gritted teeth, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.  If someone had a problem with one aspect, it would be corrected.  Very soon, someone would have an issue with that correction.  If someone felt there was too much ‘waiting around’ (the word Queue is banned at Christmas!!), then procedures were put in place to streamline the process; then someone would feel that the new procedures were ‘rushing them through’ the experience…


This year, there are changes; some of the ‘old’ things I miss; other changes are welcome, to both staff, and more importantly, wide-eyed excited visitors who constantly enquire when they will see Santa.  Nothing like building anticipation!

On Christmas eve last year, Santa asked me if I’d consider coming back {this year}. I thought about it for  a moment, and decided I would.  (Luckily, he said he would too, so, along with two of las year’s elves, I’m not the only returnee!)

For all the difficulties, discomforts and downfalls the job brought with it, spending the month of December watching, smiling and laughing, and interacting with countless amazed and excited children really is the best way of filling you with the Christmas spirit!

That, and watching Elf and Frozen on repeat for a whole month …

“Let it go….let it go….”


(Update – amusingly, someone reviewed the grotto on a rather well known review site, part of which stated Mrs Claus didn’t look like Mrs Claus – which amused me since how does one not look like an imaginary character?! – and the majority of the review reduced things the reviewer didn’t particularly like to “stupid” and “boring”.  Yes, just those two words.  over and over again.  Great use of vocab, there, nothing like constructive criticism, is there?!)