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Happy Anniversary!

Maybe it’s fate.

I killed my laptop yesterday.

I did the old ‘upgrade to Windows 10’ thing ages ago; and had the ‘headphones not working’ problem.  Not had it?  You’re lucky… Every time I Google it, countless others have the same problem.

I couldn’t remember how I fixed it last time; but was pretty sure it was some driver or something from the Dell website (it’s an Alienware laptop, so manufactured by Dell).

So I went there.  And somehow ended up on a page that had a link to download something on it which I must have presumed was a driver; something flashed up saying something was out of date so I clicked it; it came up with the ‘downloading, do not turn off your computer’ average message you always get.

Anyway, there’s me thinking I had the thing plugged in but turns out it wasn’t…the cable wasn’t in the back of the machine; and the battery died.  Presumably in the middle of whatever it was doing.

And it wouldn’t turn back on.

Well, it would try, but it just sounded like an industrial vacuum cleaner, as though it was trying to read something from the CD-rom disk drive.  And guess who can’t even remember if it even CAME with a boot disk; let alone if I still have it and where it would be if I did…

I’m in the middle of doing online courses on FutureLearn (they’re good, so far, by the way); so made me even more mortified than losing everything that was on there (only last week I’d transferred all the photos of my DSLR card because it reached full capacity while watching the Red Arrows at Wales National Air Show).

I’d almost learned my lesson from dead laptops before and at very least have all my writing work saved on a separate SD card and rarely if ever save that directly to the computer.

But because of being half way through the course (which as it happens is quite easy to follow on a smartphone of Kindle Fire HD too, but that’s not the point) I’ve returned to the old home PC.  Now, by old, I don’t mean it’s been around since the 50’s obviously.  I think maybe 6-7 years, possibly more.  But in computer terms, obviously, old.

I’ve used it intermittently but for anything other than general word-processing it’s a little (!) slow.

And I’d lost track of blogging, for a while.

Until I logged back on to this computer and my WordPress page was one of my home tabs on the browser.

So I was reminded about blogging online.

And today, I got this reminder…


…which was rather nice, to have attained an achievement without even trying!

So, I will plod on writing to the abyss, I think. Ooh….tomorrow, I might tell you about yesterday….more fun acting type thingys!


TTFN xxxx

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Growing up…

I just put a poster up on the wall.  The Cylch Meithrin  handed it to O/H the other day when he picked #3 up.

#3 will be 3 in a couple of months.

He can start school in January.

#1 moves to Juniors in September.

When did this happen?

The poster is a bunch of milestones/stages/abilities a schoolstarter should have reached or accomplished to show s/he is ready to start school; with some stickers to mark them off. I’m torn between feeling proud at how much he already can do; and feeling sad that he’s growing up so fast, without me even realising it.