About Me

#Mother/#writer/#actor/#homemaker/#traveler/#petowner/#introvert/glass-half-empty type.
DSC05082BW.jpgBorn in Cornwall, UK to Scottish and Welsh parents. Blogging about whatever is relevant to me on any given day in an attempt to get in my 750 words.  I don’t follow a theme or fit in a box.  I like boxes, though, they keep things organised…

I haven’t started this blog chasing readers.  In fact, I am usually quite a private person; so writing thoughts and musings here is quite a big thing for me – having conversations with myself on public display that I wouldn’t usually discuss with someone I know!  Strange, isn’t it?  I guess this is my alternative to incessantly talking about myself and my experiences in ‘real-life’; or “Facebook” as it’s now known… 😉


Happy reading x


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Many thanks for following my blog – written from my personal experiences gained within my acting career. Please feel free to leave any comments and share – the more the merrier!

    I feel almost identical in your views of blogging – and will most certainly look forward to reading some of your blog posts too!


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