…are the reason, at least, so I’ve been telling myself for years, that I didn’t want ‘the actor’s life’.  I mean, who wants to voluntarily continuously place yourself in the position of someone saying “no”.

So, the alternative?  Go to one interview, they say yes, get a job, stay in it for 50 years. Retire. Sit in a sunny conservatory and stare out the window and dream of the things you might have done …

An audition is nothing but a job interview.  I’ve moved around so much over the past few years (well, all my life, really) I’ve had far more than my fair share of job interviews. promotion interviews, transfer interviews …

Last week I had three auditions.  Three.  And the nerves remained at bay. and I actually ENJOYED them!  I enjoyed the experience; which I had thought, 20 years ago, I would dread. I enjoyed them far more than any job interview I’ve had; regardless of whatever the impending job was.

I enjoyed them for the experience they were and the people I met.  I hold out no hope of being chosen for any of them (in fact, I’ve heard back from one that I was unsuitable, but that my audition was great.  Which was enough for me.) but, it’s a starting point.  I went to all three, held my head high and came out feeling positive; and not a gibbering mess!

Watch this space….